In LocalizaTodo we have prepared some videos as a tutorial to help you manage the advanced features of Localizatodo Pro.

These are videos on YouTube and we recommend activating the subtitles to obtain more step-by-step information on how to use the different functionalities.

If you are interested in contracting a Localizatodo Pro license, consult with our commercial department.


Rectangular area How to use the area editing tool to create a rectangular area.

Polygonal Area How to use the area editing tool to create a polygonal area.

The created areas can later be used in advanced filters and in alarm.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filter of ships within an area. How to use the advanced filters tool to create a filter that shows only the boats located within an area, which may have been previously created by the user, or be a rectangular area given by the coordinates of the vertices N / W and S / E of the rectangle.

Advanced filter of distance to ship. How to use the advanced filter tool to create a filter that shows only the boats located less than a given distance from a specific boat.

Advanced filter with two conditions. How to use the advanced filter tool to create a filter with two conditions, one of area and another of boat type.

The filters can be used later to generate alarms by SMS or mail when a boat meets the filter.


Anchor Surveillance Alarm Configuration of an anchor surveillance alarm for a selected boat on the map.

Alarm for position within an area Configuration of an alarm that is triggered when a ship enters a specified area.

Device alarm Example of configuring a device transmission alarm. Every time the device transmits to Locate, an alarm will go off.

Message reception alarm Example of message reception alarm configuration. If you have an AIS transmitter-receiver that is not capable of analyzing type 6 or 12 messages, it may happen that some official body or other ship is trying to contact you through the AIS system and you do not have a way to know it. With this type of alarm, you can receive an SMS or mail with the message that other ships are transmitting to your ship's MMSI.

Alarms can be notified to the user through an SMS and / or email message.


Event Settings Event configuration example. An event consists of the real-time visualization of a set of ships, airplanes and devices during a time interval, as well as the delayed reproduction of the same after the specified end date and time. It allows you to monitor regattas, races, training sessions, etc.

Beacon Tool and Event Route Example of use of the beacon tool and route of an event on the map. The beacon tool allows you to easily configure the position of a series of beacons of an event on the map, which in turn allow you to "draw" a line with the event path that will be visible when viewing it.

Invite users to event Example of how to invite other users to view an event.

Private map

Private Map Settings Example of private map configuration. Your private map will show only the planes and ships in which you are interested, as well as the associated devices.

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