WayTRKR is the Android App that we have developed at LocalizaTodo so that you can transmit the position of your mobile and display it on the page as a geolocation device.

Currently it is only available as an APK file that you can manually install on your Android mobile once downloaded.

You can download here the WayTRKR APK.


For security reasons our Android device by default only allows you to install applications through the Play Store. The installation of applications from other sources is blocked, but that does not mean that applications downloaded by other means cannot be installed.

A file with the extension APK (acronym for Android Application Package) is the way in which an Android application is packaged that contains, as installable as it is, all the files necessary to install an application on our Android-based device .

To install the WayTRKR APK follow these steps:

1. Download here the WayTRKR APK.

2. In the Applications section of the Android Settings menu, select and open the application you used to download the WayTRKR APK.

3. Within the application look for the section Install unknown applications and check the box.

4. From that moment the application already has permissions to install WayTRKR and any other APK.

If you're using a version earlier than Android 8, the process for installing third-party apps is easier. In this case, you only have to go to the Settings and within them look for the Security section in which you can allow the installation of applications that are not from the Play Store by activating the Unknown sources option.

Registration in Localizatodo

Once WayTRKR is installed, all you have to do is run it and start an Online Track so that the position of your mobile appears on the map as a geolocation device.

Entering the configuration section of the APP, you can determine, among other parameters, the period for updating the position and the profile with which the device will appear (person, boat, plane, car, etc.).

To register the device as yours in Localizatodo you must follow these steps:

1. Log in to Localizatodo, by pressing the button located in the menu on the top right page. You can sign in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft account.

2. Enter the Device registration page from the Links menu.

3. On this page, select WayTRKR as device type and indicate as manufacturer ID the ID that you can see in your WayTRKR APP by pressing the About button at the top right on the APP.

4. Click the Register button.

The device will be registered for your user, and you can access all its historical information and download tracks in various formats, as well as leave it hidden or visible to other users as you wish or associate a photograph with it.

If you have a Localizatodo Pro license you can also configure alarms associated with your device. To obtain a Pro license, contact our commercial department.

You can also access the registration page of your device, with the ID data already filled in, by pressing the Online registration button in the About window of the APP, or selecting the device on the map, if it is already visible there, and pressing the Register option on the information panel that is then displayed next to the device.

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